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If you need an Emergency Roofing repair or a free roofing estimate
Call (608)220-1135 this is a direct line to Joe Johnson.

We are Proud to say that we have been Family Owned and Operated Since 2002 by Joe Johnson and Family. The DERBY Roofing Company takes much pride in their exceptional reputation as the best and most affordable roofers in Derby. We can give you the assurance that your homes project will be done correctly the first time. We are located in Derby, Kansas. We have specialists in all forms of roofing, including but not limited to Metal roofing, Slate, Rubber, EPDM, Shingles, Wood Shakes, Tile, Straw, and even grass roofs. Since we have a specialists for each form of roofing we can work any job flawlessly. Any kind of Commercial roofing from sky scrapers to warehouses, residential roofing is no problem from homes, schools, churches, apartments, we can do it all.

Do not hesitate to call now for your free Derby roofing estimate
(608)220-1135 Direct Line to Joe Johnson

If you call after business hours please leave a voicemail. Feel free to text any time and Joe Johnson or i will be notified and respond briefly to answer any questions you may have or to set up an appointment for your free Topeka roofing estimate.

Where have we done work in Derby, Kansas… Everywhere
We are dedicated to settling your roofing needs and will take no longer then one hour to respond. You can see our work all around Wichita, Topeka, Overland Park and Derby just to name a few cities in Kansas. We operate many of the roofing replacements and repairs for the local schools, churches, apartment complexes, even the fire department roofs in the Wichita, Topeka, Overland Park and Derby areas.

Do you need a Commercial Roof Replacement done in Derby or anywhere in Kansas?
When it comes to Derby Commercial roofing replacement and repairs we are the company with all the answers. I have personally managed the replacement of over 400 commercial roofs and 500 residential roofs in my roofing career! We have a roofer working with us that has twice as many roof replacements under his belt! He has seen it all and we recognize him every chance we get because he is such a great help for the Derby Roofing Company.

We pride ourselves in researching and staying ahead of the rest.
Our up-to-date-knowledge helps you as the customer when it comes time to choose the style or material of your new roof. We can give you the most current affordable options, the longest lasting options, and everything in between. We truly spend as much time that is needed, we work with our customers until they have made all their final decisions.

When you consider getting a roof replacement, you should also consider the possibility that your siding and gutters may not make it as long as you believe they will. Sometimes we have had roofing customers call us a year or two later for siding and or gutters after having their roof replaced a year or so earlier. The customer would have saved money if they had bundled the new roof replacement with the new siding and new gutters.
Remember we can provide a free estimate for any job that does not bind you to a contract in any way. We rarely have customers dispute our contracts because we have the highest quality and the most affordable prices in the state!

If your roof has suffered Hail Damage, Wind Damage, Shingle Deterioration or you are having a severe leaking issue. Our team of specialists in Overland Park can handle all your insurance claims for you, making your life so much easier.

Call (608)220-1135 for a direct line to Joe Johnson

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Assess the harm to your homes roof.

The first step once you experience severe weather is to evaluate the damage. Approximate damage assessments can help you discuss your requirements together with your insurance company or contractor and avoid unforeseen costs or discrepancies.

The material of the roof may vary from banana leaves, wheaten straw or seagrass to laminated glass, aluminum sheeting and precast concrete. In many parts of the world ceramic tiles have already been the predominant roofing material for hundreds of years.


Damaged Flashings in Derby


Flashings located around eaves, rakes, valleys and skylights wall details, stacks, and chimneys are subject to separation, lifting, and dried out caulking. The flashing details can lift and separate due to general contraction and expansion. contraction and Expansion may cause fasteners to become loose as well as the bottom-flashing flange to lift thus allowing water to get in.

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Derby roofing company

If you were to ask me what the best place to repair a roof in Kansas is i would personally say Derby. We have always loved the roofing in Kansas City. It has always been good for me. One day i was roofing a gabled steep pitched roof when i rolled and slipped down the roof! Luckily i was anchored to the roof with my harness so i was able to catch myself before getting hurt. Thank god for roofing harnesses! Always wear all the protective gear possible when Derby roofing.


Derby roofing company

We are here today because we feel it really is necessary for us to begin sharing our immense understanding of the Derby roofing industry. It has recently arrived at our attention there is quite some need for Derby roofing information so we is going to be bringing each of our visitors the very best content full of tricks and tip on having your roofing jobs done efficiently and quickly.

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